Totally Waisted! Corsetry

Oh, boy! Corsets are fun! Let's get waisted!

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Circus performer by day (in the summer), corsetiere and costumer by night (in the winter).


A Note on Construction
Each hand-made piece is made with attention and care to quality and durability.

Totally Waisted! uses 2 layers of fabric, depending on the style, with a core base of tightly woven coutil. I only use the finest fashion fabrics, which are always interfaced. A staytape is placed on the inside to keep your corset's shape and I use stainless steel grommets, set with precision between 2 steels on either side.

Mostly constructed entirely from flat steels (combination of ¼ and ½”), and lovingly reinforced with staytape, Totally Waisted! corsets should reduce the waist a minimum of 2”. Generally, Totally Waisted! corsets cinch between 4" and 8", but the sky's the limit for a serious tightlacer!

Each corset is one-of-a-kind and crafted by hand. Commercial patterns are not used, as each pattern is drafted from scratch to suit each body type. Typically, I re-draft patterns from antique corsets in my personal collection if you are seeking a reproduction piece, but I will use patterns if necessary.

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