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Hi there. Thanks for expressing an interest in Totally Waisted! Custom Corsets.

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Hi there!

Deposit Payment System and What to Expect When You are Ordering

When you first choose a corset, we will discuss the particulars concerning what style you wish, what your budget is, what your intentions for your piece are and how we can go about customizing your piece. Once we've settled on a price, as outlined by the pricing list, I will send out a measurements form for your to complete. I will ask for total confirmation of your measurements. I draft each and every pattern for each and every customer, so no two corsets will ever be the same. As no two corsets are the same, no two prices will be the same, please inquire and I will work hard to try and create a piece that fits within your budgetary needs.

Once we settle on the design I ask for 25% of the total cost of corset up front. This deposit is non-refundable and used for materials.

I will send out a mockup, and ask for 25% upon the return of the mockup. This deposit is also non-refundable.

Once I complete your corset, I will email you photographic proof of it's completion whereupon I will ask for the remaining 50%. Once it has been received, I will ship your finished garment.

I will email you frequently to update you on the progression of your corset.

Your corset has been made to ensure a long-lasting life of excellent shape and support. Thank you for choosing to work with Totally Waisted! Corsets

Shipping is, naturally, not included in any of these prices.
Within Canada: $20 (this gets you priority shipping + a tracking number)
Within the US: $25 (this gets you priority shipping + a tracking number)

Please note that due to the custom-made nature of your corset, there are no exchanges or refunds. Please consider a mock-up factored into your price if you wish to purchase a corset, and please note that the 50% deposit is absolutely not refundable.

For in-house clients, please note that each missed appointment will result in an added $25 (per) added to the final installment of your garment.

For bridal and prom clients, please note that should you wish to change the cut, style, or fabric of your final garment AFTER the mockup fitting, there will be an added price to your final garment, determined by what you wish to change, and the complexity of the alteration. If a complete alteration is needed, there will be an added mock-up fee of $30.

For in-house clients, please note that I require 24 hr notice for changes in appointments (emergencies are waved) and if you do do not show for your scheduled appointment, please note that there will be a $25 fee that will be tacked on to the remainder of your deposit.

Quality Control
These corsets are suitable for tight-lacing unless otherwise specified.
I will personally fix your corset if there is a construction problem upon arrival (ie. the first time you wear it) I will not fix your corset if there is a problem due to normal wear and tear, or if structural damage was incurred as a result from activities not considered normal wear and tear. Your corset will go through a rigorous quality-control check before each and every piece is sent out, so please be conscientious and careful in caring for your corset. Please store your corset laying flat, laced up. Do not wash your corset; instead, please dry-clean only (and even then I wouldn't suggest frequency as the chemicals in dry-cleaning agents can contribute to the deterioration of the natural fibres.

If you wish to provide your own fashion fabric, please send me a sample for me to determine whether or not it will be suitable for your garment.

Please note that all prices listed are in US dollars!
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