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Bwa ha!

Victory is mine.

I have finally gotten off my duff and re-drafted an OTR cincher pattern that will give an awesome shape. I expect to have several sample pieces up in the Etsy shop over the weekend. Hopefully, they will be awesome sample pieces that you folks will all love and covet. Cinchers are going to be reasonably priced ($199); for light reduction only, but still made with coutil, have a staytape, etc. The emphasis is on design. I can't wait to show you what I'm working on!

Anybody out there want to shout out standard sizes they'd like to see? Currently, I've got two 24" (fully closed) that will be suitable for folks with natural waists of 29-26, and one 28" that will be suitable for folks with natural waists of 34-30.

Colours will be my typical scheme; pinks, ivories, champagnes, blacks.
Keep looking back for updates!
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