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Prices, Legal Information [01 Jan 2025|09:54pm]
Hi there. Thanks for expressing an interest in Totally Waisted! Custom Corsets.

Click the link for more information!

everything you want to know about Totally Waisted!Collapse )

Adore Subtract Photography [27 Mar 2013|09:54am]
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Bridal, Orders, & more! [25 Mar 2012|10:47pm]
Hey everyone! Long time no post!
Things are awesome at the new TW! digs. The studio is bigger, more efficient and located conveniently in the fashion district of downtown Toronto. Awesome!

I've been quite a busy bee; bridal orders, standard sized black taffeta, lace and crystal underbusts and a smattering of some custom thrown in for good measure. Whew! Lucky for me (and for you!) my tour got pushed back in Other Job which means I'm still available for orders throughout the summer, for completion in the fall.

Speaking of bridal! I just got some wicked photos from a commission I completed for a fancy destination wedding in February!


What else have I been up to, you ask? Well, have a look see!Collapse )

So yea! Been busy! Even more busy, working on several pieces at the moment. Photos soon and all that jazz. Come join me on Facebook for more interactive fun-times. I'm also on Twitter. But isn't everyone these days, really?
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Studio Move! [08 Mar 2012|08:20am]
Hey everyone!
Just popping in to let you know that after 5+ years of being fortunate enough to have my studio in the heart of Toronto's Kensington Market, I have seized a wonderful opportunity to move into a bigger loft-space better conducive to meeting with local clients on Queen st. West in the Design District!

Of course, my sewing studio has been the first thing I've gotten off the ground; I'm still sleeping on the landing in between sets of stairs, ha ha ha, but my bed will be arriving on Tuesday. Here's a quick little peek at what (part of) the space looks like!


I'm very excited to be in this hot, happenin' part of town that is even closer to the amazing fabric shops than my previous location. As it is, I am still presently taking orders for both custom corsets and my new featured piece, a standard sized black taffeta underbust with corded lace! I am also still taking orders for bridal 2012/2013 completion dates!
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Not your typical black underbust! [13 Feb 2012|01:00pm]
Hey everyone!

A black taffeta underbust with corded lace and embellished with jet swarovskis. This ain't your typical standard black underbust! I have enough fabric and trim to make TWO more standard sized corsets; complete with lace AND crystals. Which means, of course, you get it at a steal of a price.


one more detail shot of the crystals and laceCollapse )

A great introduction to the fastidious workmanship and high quality of Totally Waisted! corsets but without the scary price-tag for a first time buyer, my standard sized underbusts kick butt: amazing shape, durable, made as well as my made-to-measure items (boasting staytape, minimum 22 steels, lined in German coutil) and pretty to boot!

All you need to provide is your underbust, natural waist and hip measurements and within 2-4 weeks this baby will show up at your door. Nifty, huh?

Check out the Etsy Shop for more details.

Oh! Also, I'm finally on twitter.

Totally_Waisted! On Twitter. I'll be posting more laid-back stuff there, like behind-the-scenes shots of my collection as I'm working on it and studio hilarity. Because...when you work by yourself, hilarity ensues!

Custom orders are officially closing this week for the season, with the exception of bridal, so get your orders in while you can!
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Holiday Sale! [24 Nov 2011|04:56pm]
In the spirit of holiday giving, I am offering a discount on all custom corset orders placed between now and December 21st.

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High Back Strapped Underbust Facelift [09 Nov 2011|11:07am]
Hey everyone!

Wow, I'm a posty McPostypants these days.
I just completed yet another sample that has been given a pattern-draft facelift. This one is one of my most popular styles from back in the day, the high-back strapped underbust. For those of you who don't remember, Totally Waisted! was one of the very first companies to offer this style for purchase! :)

Anyway. to celebrate the new pattern-draft, I made a sample. And I took lots of pictures because this was also one of my first pieces displaying contrasting stitching. And I'm super proud of how it turned out! It wasn't at all nearly as scary as I thought it would be! :p

Without further adieu: a beautiful warm-black silk strapped underbust with brown stitching and rust ribbon detailing!


plenty more where that came from!Collapse )

This baby has a 33 underbust, 21 waist and 33 upper hip. 26 steels (not including the decorative chevrons on the centre front panel), staytape, German coutil foundation, blah blah.

I'm super happy with how beautiful and shapely this update is!
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Improved Longline Underbust Pattern [02 Nov 2011|01:19pm]
Hey everyone!

I've finally gotten off my duff to re-pattern and re-shape some of my previous offerings! Currently, I am working on samples GALORE in between being slammed with bridal and fancy-wear client orders... Expect quite a few postings from me in the next few weeks.

First up, I have a new and improved longline underbust pattern! It boasts a higher back and dramatic bottom hem shaping. It's also REALLY comfy.


I made it from a champagne silk dupioni, and included an awesome handmade crocheted lace that I picked up the last time I was in Italy. It also boasts a really cute handmade bow fashioned out of a deep red and gold striped taffeta. Kinda looks circus-y without hitting you over the head with it, doesn't it? :)

All the usual TW goodies: staytape, 22 steel flats, coutil, blah blah. this sample piece is a 30" underbust, 21" waist and 32" hip.

a couple moreCollapse )
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Wedding Corset [13 Jul 2011|10:09am]
Hey guys!

Okay, so I'm through having my "crisis of faith" and decided to continue posting here. Here's a little something I whipped up over the winter for a bridal client:


It boasts a delicate gold flossing and hand-painted gold feathers on a beautiful cherry silk dupioni.



Sorry for the out-of-focus shots. I quickly snapped them before shipping the garment off!
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The Times, They Are A-Changin'! [29 Jun 2011|09:10am]
Hey folks!
It's been a while since I've posted!

Truthfully, I haven't felt inspired to. Over the last couple of years, likely due to the run of issues that have risen such as the Joyce Situation, the weird Russian spam and the increasingly jerky people that frequent the forums.. well, I'm not terribly keen on promoting my work here anymore. It got to the point where it was affecting my productivity. I do have a lot of work to show (I've been QUITE busy over the late winter/early spring), but I'm unsure about if it will fall on deaf ears or not. What do you all say? Is Facebook the way to go? or is there merit in still posting here? Will anybody even comment on this post?

Anyway, just throwing it out there. I may compile a post in the near future of the stuff I've been working on.. or just post the odd show-piece. We'll see.
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Bluey, Too [01 Feb 2011|02:58pm]
Here's a recently completed commission, based off of the famous 'Bluey' corset owned by artist Tina Imel.


a few more!Collapse )

Just a note that I am taking orders from now until the end of March!
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Happy Holidays! [29 Dec 2010|12:52pm]
Happy Holidays from Totally Waisted! Corsets!

As a special gift to you all, I have two beautiful readymades up in the Etsy Shop that are ON SALE for the holiday season! One is 24" fully closed, the other is 22".

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world!!


The sale ends on January 10th, shipping will commence on the 6th (to avoid the remaining craziness from the holiday season).

Have a great holiday everyone!
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Lisa and James' Wedding, October 2010 [15 Dec 2010|07:52am]
Been a long time, LJ.

I haven't been around much on this forum, but I have been quite active on the Facebook Fan Page. I haven't abandoned LJ-Land altogether, though. I still read it and post when I can.

On October 9th, 2010, something special happened. My sister got married. Even more special: she came to Totally Waisted! for her dress.

Her theme was black and white ball. She wanted silk. She wanted a "fitted-flared" skirt. She wanted tulle (yuck), she wanted lace. She wanted crystals and feathers... aaaaand.. we compromised. She got the crystals.

And eventually, she got the dress.

The official photos have finally been released for me to show you all. I hope you enjoy them. This piece took a long time to make; we had to make several re-drafts, I had to spend hours sourcing antique chantilly lace, and don't even get me started on the 1000+ swarvoski crystals...

Anywhoo. Here are the photos. Please enjoy them, and do join me over on Facebook. I promise I'm far more active over there.


and some moreCollapse )

Hope you like'em!
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Orders Closed until October [10 Feb 2010|10:14pm]
Hi folks.!

We've been having so much fun over on the Facebook Fan Page that I've been neglecting this journal. Sorry about that. I still do love LJ Land, I swear!

Well, due to some excellent news from Other Job, I am wrapping up this round of orders earlier than anticipated. As luck would have it, slots filled up fast over the holidays as is, and I'm preparing for an early tour to premiere a new show in Milan, Italy. Then I'm heading off to Africa. I'll be back by the end of March, whereupon any outstanding orders will be sent off. Most of them are done now, anyway, and this post feels kind of redundant, but, you know. I like to take care of business and stuff.

So, look for the odd update here and there, but I'll officially taking orders again come October 2010.

Thanks so much for an awesome winter, everybody!
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Happy Holidays; see y'in the new year! [20 Dec 2009|10:23am]
Hey everyone!

Just a quick little note to remind you all that I will be taking some time off from December 22nd-January 4th. I will be out of town for a chunk of it, but will be returning to work in the new year! Over the holidays and into the end of February, I will be taking what very well may be the LAST round of orders for the winter; custom orders will be finalized and processed no later than March/April. After that, I won't be taking orders again until September/October of 2010. Due to the nature of bridal, I may be accepting those orders throughout the year on a case-by-case scenario. Please inquire.

This wacky time juggling is to ensure everyone gets their corsets in a timely fashion and nobody is left straggling while I go on tour again; it's going to be a busy year and my summer tour is already starting to shape up with bookings. I want to make sure y'all are taken care of and nobody's waiting longer than the reasonable amount of time required for a custom corset (typically between 1-2 months).

Sounds good?

Whatever holidays you may celebrate, have a happy one, with food, family, fun, and most of all er.. happiness. So much for the alliteration, but you get my point.

Happy Holidays, guys!
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Leather and Silk [09 Dec 2009|04:51pm]
Hey kids!

Just in time for the festive holiday season, I've got more eye-candy for y'all. A gorgeous leather reproduction overbust and ivory silk longline corset. My client who got the leather really loved the PVC reproduction I made and decided she wanted it out of a gorgeous calfskin, instead! This corset was a bit of a challenge to draft because my client has a bit of some dramatic asymmetry going on in the bust. I think I managed to compensate for it really well and visually; I can't really tell that the cup is a full size smaller on one side.. can you?

The silk corset is absolutely AMAZING in shape. The mockup looked incredible on my client, but unfortunately, the shaping hasn't translated well on my not-so-squishy Ullie. Oh well! I kinda went crazy on the flossing too, with some really elaborate shapes including my favourite, a twist on the classic wheat sheaf pattern in the bust area. There are four wheatsheafs gracing each of the bust pieces on this corset. I chose to do the flossing in an off-white that is very subtle-y different from the silk. Sometimes flossing can just create interesting textures!

Anyway, onwards to the photos folks!


leather'n'silk!Collapse )
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Etsy Holiday Sale! [04 Dec 2009|11:45am]
Hey everyone!!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm reducing already low-priced cinchers and such for the festive holiday season! Act now and get shipping in time for the holidays at no additional fee on top of regular shipping! Plus! As a gesture of goodwill towards all (wo)men, you'll also receive a little gift in the mail with your purchase. Wowzers! Also: if you mention that this is for a Christmas gift, I will handwrap it to perfection so you don't have to! All this for the cheap! WTF?!

Buy Handmade

Formal update soon, with photos of recently completed orders including a really neat leather reproduction overbust.
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Back! [23 Nov 2009|09:41am]
Hi folks, I guess I forgot to make a "hey, I'll be out of town" email on the 17th. Well, the good news is I'm back! I'm shipping out two corsets this week, so keep your eyes peeled, which means, of course, there will be some spots open for orders. You may not get them in time for the holidays, but definitely by early January! You can email me for details!

Can't wait to show you all the gorgeous eye-candy I've been making!
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I-Need-Feedback-on-Etsy-Saleganza. [06 Nov 2009|10:21pm]
So, I was chatting with some peeps (do the kids still say that?) about why I'm not getting any sales through Etsy. Some people have suggested my price-point is too high, others suggested that I don't have any ready-to-ship stuff, and, an awesome client of mine hypothecized that it was because I have no actual feedback.

So, I created some ready-to-wear cinchers to remedy that! And hot damn, are they AWESOME. Seriously, I want one (but with the orders I have in the queue currently, THAT's not gonna happen anytime soon). So, guys, seriously, this is an amazing deal. My work is not cheap; y'all know that. But, I'm making some ready-to-wear cinchers, with light boning, reducing your waist a minimum of 2"-4". They're lined in coutil. They have a stay-tape. They're made from silk. I think they're a steal, even if they aren't for tightlacing purposes. They've got antique chantilly lace on them. I carved it up myself to make really neat asymmetrical patterns. These things are going to be copied in expensive French fashion houses soon, so, really, you should buy them to be fashion forward. Oh, and to leave me positive feedback.

Here they are!

First up, a 24" (closed) pink silk cincher.


pink silk!Collapse )

Next, is a ivory taffeta cincher with a 24" (closed) waist:


Once again, I took the photos while drunk or something!Collapse )

Last, is ivory taffeta cincher with a 28" (closed) waist.


last one, promise!Collapse )

Follow them to the Etsy Store!

All current custom orders are going to be shipped out by early December. Isn't that exciting, guys?!

...this is what happens when all you drink is coffee AND listen to Aaron Copland, AND think you're a cowboy.
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Bwa ha! [04 Nov 2009|05:00pm]
Victory is mine.

I have finally gotten off my duff and re-drafted an OTR cincher pattern that will give an awesome shape. I expect to have several sample pieces up in the Etsy shop over the weekend. Hopefully, they will be awesome sample pieces that you folks will all love and covet. Cinchers are going to be reasonably priced ($199); for light reduction only, but still made with coutil, have a staytape, etc. The emphasis is on design. I can't wait to show you what I'm working on!

Anybody out there want to shout out standard sizes they'd like to see? Currently, I've got two 24" (fully closed) that will be suitable for folks with natural waists of 29-26, and one 28" that will be suitable for folks with natural waists of 34-30.

Colours will be my typical scheme; pinks, ivories, champagnes, blacks.
Keep looking back for updates!
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